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Blog to show one mans journey to becoming thin after being fat for over 10 years.

Day - 34 daily log and workout log

Well today I stated home to try and get some overdue work done. I ended up working out around 2:00pm today. I did a 5 minute warm up of running in place, jumping jacks, and jump rope. From there is 3 sets of chest fly, isolated bicep curls, chest press, and shoulder pulls. Fun workout

Day -??? should be day 31 and I did workout tonight

A little cardio-x to finish my night out. Man was I tired after that. I hope everyone else did their workout tonight.

Day 20 - Workout and man am I pumped

I started my workout with a 15 minute run on the elliptical. This resulted in a 1.28 mile distance. I then did 3 sets of each :bent over dumbbell rows, underhand pullups with weigh assistance, Standing barbell curls and Alternating dumbbell curls.

Day-18 Workout and still feeling a little sick

Well today I did 15 minutes of jogging. I then did 100 jumping jacks. After all that I did 2 minutes of jump rope. I then did 40 lunges with weights in my hand. After that I did 15 crunches and then three sets of bicep curls. All this in 30 minutes. I also did my cool down and stretch.

Day - 17 and I did a light 30 minute workout

Day 14 - Workout fun again - P90x CardioX

Ok now that I have pushed myself three days in a row on Cardio-X its time for me to start a balanced workout. Starting tomorrow I am going to start a balanced workout with a little more focus on muscle building. I weigh-in tomorrow so we will see if my hard work has paid off.

Day 13 - workout p90x Cardio-X again

All I can say is I am tried after that workout. Not much more to say other then good night..

Day 9 - Workout and man am I tired

Lets see I did 10 minutes on the treadmill, which I hate and hurts my flat feet. Then I did back rows 3 set 15 reps. I then did the leg machine at 280lbs 3 sets 10 reps. I also did the chest fly at 60 - 80lbs 3 sets 12 reps. I finished up with crunches. 3 sets 15 reps each. I am ready to go home now :)

Day 8 Workout —- WOooHOoo

Well again I was on the elliptical and I pushed hard. I hit 2.27 miles this would be a .05 gain over all and a .03 gain from yesterday.. Yea me. I also did some back extensions and bench presses. I am currently benching about 110lbs.

DAY 7 - Good workout today

Today I started out on the elliptical again and my foot cramped again, but this time it was at 20 minutes instead of 9 minutes. Today I went 2.24 miles which is a .02 gain from yesterday. Yea me!!!!

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