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Blog to show one mans journey to becoming thin after being fat for over 10 years.

Day - 34 daily log and workout log

Well today I stated home to try and get some overdue work done. I ended up working out around 2:00pm today. I did a 5 minute warm up of running in place, jumping jacks, and jump rope. From there is 3 sets of chest fly, isolated bicep curls, chest press, and shoulder pulls. Fun workout

Day -33 and went drinking with my friends last night

After 30+ days of works outs and eating healthy I went out drinking with the guys last night. Not my best move, but you still need friends right? OO well back on it for another 30+ days. Let do this.

Day 32 - Weight-in and its good!!!

Well I start the day with a 2lbs loss for the past week. Little by little I will kick my fat to the curb.

Day -??? should be day 31 and I did workout tonight

A little cardio-x to finish my night out. Man was I tired after that. I hope everyone else did their workout tonight.

Day-??? and I am back

Sorry for being gone so long. Technical and personal issues have kept me away, but I am back. Weigh-in is tomorrow. As for food today I am enjoying two green smoothies for breakfast and lunch with thoughts of green beans and Chicken for dinner.

Day -23 and I am still alive just lots going on

I have not had a chance to update because my phone is all jacked up. I use my phone for pics and dating. Working on getting a new phone. I maybe offline for a few more days. Hope everyone is doing well.

Day - 21 and I am changing my challenge a bit

I decided to challenge myself by taking pictures of everything I eat and post them up here. Yesterday I noticed how bad that is going to clutter up my page. So I decided to continue to take pictures, but combine the entire thing at the end of the day and make one post.

FYI weigh-in is tomorrow…

Day 20 - Workout and man am I pumped

I started my workout with a 15 minute run on the elliptical. This resulted in a 1.28 mile distance. I then did 3 sets of each :bent over dumbbell rows, underhand pullups with weigh assistance, Standing barbell curls and Alternating dumbbell curls.

Day 20 - And a new challenge. Take pics of all you eat this week.

So I met my challenge of no soda pop for a week. Now I need new challenge. This week I am going to take a picture of all the food I eat. This is so I can look back and see what I am really eating.

Day-18 and 0oo I still have not had a Dr. Pepper

Well many of you may have forgotten that Monday of last week I stated I would try to go a week without soda pop, namely Dr. Pepper. Well since Monday I forgot about this little challenge and still was able to get this whole week without drinking soda pop. I only have 2 more days and I will have met my challenge. So how is everyone else doing?

Day - 17 and I did a light 30 minute workout

Day 17 - Still feel sick

OK this is more then I can stand. I have been sick for 3 days and its really messing up my workout. I have to get back on my plan tonight. Going to try light lifting and a light walk. Hope everyone else is well.

Day 16 - Where is day 15’s workout?

OK, so I skipped my workout last night. I have been feeling sick for a couple of days and decided to get some extra sleep. I will get back on track today. I have enjoyed my lemon juice and cayenne pepper mix this morning and now I am on to my green smoothie. Just in case you missed it I weighed-in 5lbs less then last week. I am still stoked. I am about 14 lbs from my first GW. Hope everyone else is doing well.

Day 15 - WEIGH-IN and its GOOOOD

Well I had my weigh-in today and another 5 pounds down… YEAH me!!!!

Day 14 - Workout fun again - P90x CardioX

Ok now that I have pushed myself three days in a row on Cardio-X its time for me to start a balanced workout. Starting tomorrow I am going to start a balanced workout with a little more focus on muscle building. I weigh-in tomorrow so we will see if my hard work has paid off.

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